The Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) is the first national survey that directly links the experiences of graduates to the views of their direct supervisors. The ESS is undertaken on a systematic basis by asking employed graduates who participated in the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) four months after graduation to provide the contact details of their supervisor for follow up.

The survey provides information about the quality of education provided at Australian institutions, by asking supervisors to provide feedback about the generic skills, technical skills and work readiness of the graduate employed in their workplace.

In 2016 the supervisor response rate was 44.5% with over 3,000 supervisor responses. The 2016 ESS results are large enough to provide robust comparisons by broad field of education, course characteristics, employment characteristics, occupation and demographic group. However, there are an insufficient number of responses to permit presentation of robust institutional level results as occurs elsewhere on the QILT website.

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