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Facilitating success for students from low socioeconomic status at regional universities

31 Mar 2017

This report outlines the findings from a national study commissioned by the Australian government to determine the high-level factors that impact on the success and retention of students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds at regional universities.

The study found that the eight factors were:

  • resilience,
  • relatives,
  • revenue,
  • reliable technology,
  • respect,
  • relationships,
  • reality checks and;
  • really good teaching. 

The evidence gathered also led to the identification of five policy areas where future research and policy reform should be focused. These are:

  • ensuring financial stability for students; 
  • defining, measuring and monitoring ‘attrition’ differently;
  • valuing staged and micro qualifications;
  • leveraging existing regional and rural infrastructure, and;
  • regional school investment.
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