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Case study

Turning the tide on bullying and poor workplace cultures: case studies

18 May 2017

Workplace bullying affects the health and wellbeing of staff and the productivity of organisations. It is hard – but not impossible – to tackle.

About 20% of employees perceive bullying in their workplace, according to results from an annual survey of Victoria’s public sector workers, the People Matter Survey. This rate has remained largely unchanged for more than ten years.

The news on tackling bullying is not all bad. Some public sector organisations have managed to buck the trend and reduced perceptions of bullying in their organisations. The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) has obtained insights from five Victorian public sector organisations which have successfully reduced bullying rates over the last two to five years. These organisations represent a range of sectors, sizes and locations. Interviews and workshops were held with CEOs, human resource directors and staff in these organisations to better understand:

  • the reasons for high rates of employee perceptions of bullying in the past; and
  • the actions that led to a reduction in workplace bullying.

This report provides details on the journey taken by these organisations.

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