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Briefing paper

Manufacturing: a moment of opportunity

21 Jun 2017

Ahead of a national manufacturing summit, this report outlines the manufacturing industry’s dogged resilience in difficult times, its importance to the Australian economy, and its more hopeful future prospects.

The report identifies several indicators which suggest that the economic opportunities for domestic manufacturing have improved significantly. 

New polling released as part of the report shows that Australians are very supportive of proactive and targeted policy measures to sustain and support manufacturing.

Specifically, there was strong support for targeted policies such as government procurement mandates (81%) and tax incentives tied to investments in domestic facilities (79%); support was strong across all age and voting groups.  Australians opposed measures to attract industry by cutting wages, environmental standards, or across-the-board taxes.  But measures focused on manufacturing, tied to Australian production and jobs, received overwhelming support – by a margin of up to five-to-one.

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