Melek Cigdem

Alternate Name:
Melek Cigdem-Bayram

Mortgage stress and precarious home ownership: implications for older Australians

This research investigated the growing numbers of middle-aged and older Australians who are carrying mortgage debt into retirement and paying off higher levels of debt relative to house values and income. Between 1987 and 2015, mortgage debt among older mortgagors increased by 600% (from $27,000...

Inquiry into housing policies, labour force participation and economic growth

This research presents evidence on how housing policies might promote labour force participation and economic growth through four channels - housing supply responsiveness, labour mobility, employment decisions and consumption.

A new look at the channels from housing to employment decisions

This research examined various possible links between housing related variables and employment.
Briefing paper

How do intergenerational transfers affect housing and wealth?

Home ownership is valued not just for the housing it provides but also as a means to accumulate wealth over the life-cycle. However, there is evidence that younger generations are making later transitions into home ownership and increased numbers not entering at all—this is not...