Mental health


14 Mar 2019

This white paper reveals the tremendous scale of burden associated with neurological, mental health and substance use disorders in Australia, the vast negative impact they have on patients, families and communities, and the enormous health and productivity costs.


13 Mar 2019

This report pinpoints stark differences between female and male responses to the Mission Australia Youth Survey 2018 , highlighting that more females than males were concerned about almost every topic in the survey.


5 Mar 2019

If we’re serious about improving access to mental health care, we need to look to online therapies.

Discussion paper

25 Feb 2019

This Issues Paper evaluates Tasmania’s current laws relating to the defence of insanity and fitness to stand trial, and seeks community input on these topics.

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24 Feb 2019

The Victorian government has released the Terms of Reference that will guide the Royal Commission into Mental Health. The Terms of Reference have been devised after consultation with the experts in the mental health sector and the community.


14 Feb 2019

This quick guide provides an overview of mental health in Australia, including the prevalence of mental health conditions, the cost of mental illness, government responsibilities, and mental health services available in Australia.


13 Feb 2019

A review of 54 studies in film, television, music and theatre. It recommends that mental health professionals and suicide prevention experts should collaborate with film makers, television producers, members of the music industry and playwrights to try to balance entertainment against the risk of harm,...

Audio podcast

5 Feb 2019

A conversation with researchers and advocates about mental health and the impact of economics and the changing nature of work

Audio podcast

Prevention Works
23 Jan 2019

In this episode from podcast series Prevention Works, Professor Jenny Bowman discusses research and initiatives to tackle physical health dispartities amongst those living with mental illness.


23 Jan 2019

This report seeks to show that a mentally healthy workplace can only be achieved when it is a business priority. It brings together key research findings and other expert resources to put forward a holistic approach to help employers transform awareness into action that promotes...

Discussion paper

21 Jan 2019

The Productivity Commission has been asked to undertake an inquiry into the role of mental health in supporting social and economic participation, and enhancing productivity and economic growth. This issues paper outlines a range of issues on which the commission is seeking information and feedback....


Summary of insights from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Global Conference on Well-Being
1 Jan 2019

This paper shares case studies and insights from the group’s fresh and provocative dialogue that may be useful to practitioners, policymakers, researchers, economists, and others interested in well-being, whether they are taking the first steps or fine-tuning established practice.


A project conducted by the Lowitja Institute for the National Mental Health Commission
17 Dec 2018

Trauma is a pervasive and complex aspect of the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and, inevitably, a part of any conversation about mental health. It operates at an individual, collective and community level, and has historical and contemporary manifestations.

The Lowitja...


6 Dec 2018

This research report was funded by the W.A Mental Health Commission and is one of the most comprehensive FIFO research studies undertaken in Australia. It suggests that the greater mental health risk of FIFO workers stems from their demographic profile, being mostly young-to-middle aged men...

Policy report

Onshore oil and gas policy background paper
4 Dec 2018

This review found growing evidence of direct health impacts, as well as a clear potential for indirect impacts of gas and oil mining on essential environmental determinants of health, including a stable climate, air quality, water quality, water security, food security, community cohesion and, in...


Senate Community Affairs References Committee report
4 Dec 2018

This report makes 18 recommendations to government, including calling for a national rural and remote mental health strategy to address the low rates of access to mental health services and the high rate of suicide in Australia's rural and remote communities.


4 Dec 2018

The catalyst for this inquiry was widespread concern about mental health services, within the mental health sector and the broader community, and calls for a wide-ranging inquiry from service users, their families and whānau, people afected by suicide, people working in health, media, Iwi and...


3 Dec 2018

This report provides independent medical data demonstrating the extreme mental health suffering on Nauru. MSF strongly reiterates its urgent call for the Australian government to end the policy of offshore detention and immediately evacuate all refugees and asylum seekers from Nauru to avoid further deterioration...


An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the NSW Ministry of Health
30 Nov 2018

This Evidence Check was commissioned by the NSW Ministry of Health to provide a summary of evidence from Australia and other countries related to the effectiveness and appropriateness of community-based psychosocial support services and programs for refugees and asylum seekers.


29 Nov 2018

This research progresses the priority areas identified by the National Mental Health Commission and provides evidence about the systemic issues and policy levers to provide housing and services for people with mental health issues.



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