The social and economic cost of hearing loss in Australia

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In 2006, Access Economics quantified the impact and estimated impact of both the financial costs and the loss of wellbeing from hearing loss in Australia in 2005. The Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) has commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to update this report for 2017, with the intention of raising awareness of the economic cost of hearing impairment in Australia and to inform policy making. Information from research analysis is important to help ensure that available resources are directed towards the most effective preventive and therapeutic interventions.

Key findings:

The prevalence of hearing loss in Australia (better ear) in 2017 was estimated to be 3.6 million people – 2.2 million males and 1.4 million females. This represent 14.5% of the Australian population.

In 2060, it is estimated that the prevalence of hearing loss (better ear) will reach up to 7.8 million people – 18.9% of the total population.

Approximately 49% of child hearing loss is estimated to be preventable, while for adults it is thought that 37% of hearing loss is preventable.


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