In the picture: understanding belonging and connection for young people with cognitive disability in regional communities through photorich research: final report

Disability Youth Rural and remote communities Community participation Queensland Victoria New South Wales

Feeling like you belong and that you are connected to people and places is fundamental to young people’s identity. For young people with cognitive disability who live in regional Australia, very little is known about what helps and what hinders belonging and connection in their communities. This research addressed this gap in our knowledge by working collaboratively with young people. We asked young people what helped them to feel like they belong and they are connected, and what makes it hard. We supported them to describe their connections, and to explore the facilitators and barriers to belonging and connection, including the impact of living in a regional community. The views and experience of young people about participating in research were also gathered through the research process. This report explains how the project was run, and what we learned about belonging and connection from working with the young people. A companion easy English report provides summary information.

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Lismore NSW