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The New Zealand Aid Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) has identified infrastructure investments as one of the enablers of growth. Renewable energy is one of the key underpinnings of its growth strategy for infrastructure. One of the 12 Investment Priorities of the New Zealand Aid Programme Strategic Plan 2015-2019 (MFAT 2015) is “Expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy”.

The focus areas for this priority are:

· Improve access to reliable and renewable energy through new infrastructure and technical assistance

· Identify and support greater private-sector participation in the energy sector

· Strengthen sector planning and asset management to improve service quality and efficiency

An overarching results framework for MFAT’s renewable energy Activities has been developed as part of a wider evaluation of its renewable energy investment in the Pacific.

The results framework follows MFAT’s format for Activity designs, but has been adapted to fit two key purposes:

1. Inform Activity concept and design, and be used as a template for renewable energy Activity design results frameworks.

2. Provide an overarching framework for monitoring and evaluation of the Renewable Energy Sector in the Pacific.

The results framework is provided in Section 3. It includes:

· Results diagram

· Results measurement table

· Monitoring and evaluation work plan. It has been prepared in consultation with a cross section of MFAT staff from Wellington. Discussion in Section 2 documents the aspects of the framework that MFAT need to consider when using the framework.

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