Economic performance of Australia's cities and regions 2016-17

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Australian cities and regions are orphans. Responsibility for managing their economy (in terms of taxation, planning, infrastructure provision, regulation and economic development) fall between all tiers of government.

Official statistics tend not to publish economic data in more detail than the state level. For the past nine years SGS has produced estimates of Gross Domestic Product¹ (GDP) for each major capital city and regional area across Australia. Our research into understanding the distribution of economic growth has filled a key void in economic policy.

Since the 2015-16 publication of Economic Performance of Australia’s Cities and Regions, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has issued a new set of National and State Accounts. This ABS data contains a set of historical revisions, where the annual data is revised through the time series back to 1989-90 for the purposes of incorporating updated data and a range of improvements to compilation methods. The 2016-17 publication was to have used the Place of Work data from the 2016 Census, however this data was published by the ABS, but then removed due to errors.

The remainder of this document is set out as follows:

  • Section one provides a summary of results, comparing the economic outcomes for each region
  • Section two provides a detailed discussion of the economic performance of each region
  • Section three provides a detailed description of the methodology
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