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Transport is a critical part of daily life for all New Zealanders. We use transport for access to services, freight, travel to work, education, health, and for visiting family and friends. Transport networks allow businesses, regions, and urban areas to be well connected and productive.

Transport can be a powerful enabler for new housing opportunities, liveable cities, and sustainable economic development in regional New Zealand.

The transport network also shapes our urban areas, and how we get around. Streets are the largest area of, often highly valuable, public spaces in our urban areas. How that space is allocated influences land use, property values, and the life and vibrancy of our urban areas.

Transport investments have long lead times, high costs and leave long legacies. Good transport investment therefore requires careful planning that allows for uncertainties to ensure today’s transport network will be able to meet our future needs.

Please note: the draft strategy, released for public comment in April 2018, can be accessed here

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