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Technical report
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Data on internet job postings are sourced from job advertisements (and their descriptions) posted on various websites. These data are collected and coded to provide information on the numbers and types of jobs available, as well as the various attributes of these jobs, including the skills that are required or considered desirable by employers.

This information is not readily available from other sources of data. For example, the Labour Force Survey and the Census of Population and Housing, both conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), provide robust, accessible and extensive information on the labour market. However, they do not provide information on unmet demand or the skills that employers require or desire.

Internet job-postings data complement the National Centre for Vocational Education Research’s (NCVER) comprehensive and extensive data on training activity by providing information about demand in the labour market and the skills being requested by employers. NCVER has licensed access to internet job-postings data covering the Australian labour market; this is provided by Burning Glass Technologies.

NCVER’s administrative collections provide authoritative information on the volume and nature of training activity and the characteristics of the students undertaking the training. This is extended by NCVER’s surveys (such as the National Student Outcomes Survey and the Survey of Employers’ Use and Views of the vocational education and training (VET) System), which provide information on students’ satisfaction and employment and further study outcomes, and employers’ experiences.

Another source of data on internet job postings is the Internet Vacancy Index, published by the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business. The Vacancy Report (Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018) provides information on the occupation, skill level and location of internet job postings, but does not include information about the skills employers have requested.

This technical report outlines the collection and analyses of internet job-postings data, how they compare with other sources of data and their limitations. This document has been designed to assist in the interpretation and proper use of any NCVER products that use the internet job-postings data provided by Burning Glass Technologies.


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