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Connecting the worlds of learning and work

Prioritising school-industry partnerships in Australia’s education system
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Globalisation and advances in smart technology are transforming jobs, workplaces and careers at an unprecedented rate. More is being demanded of schools to prepare young people for an unpredictable and uncertain future, but there are limits to what schools can achieve in isolation from the wider community.

Both schools and industry play a role in ensuring that all children and young people are given learning opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential and develop the skills and capabilities that are needed in future jobs.

In June 2018, Mitchell Institute brought together a group of leaders for a policy roundtable – to build greater understanding of the roles industry can play in education, and address how Australia’s education system can better support partnerships between schools and industry that equip all young people for their futures.

This policy report brings together views from the expert stakeholder roundtable and analysis of current policies and research

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Mitchell Report no. 02/2018
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