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What is it like to parent a child with additional needs, and how do these parents seek help and information?

This Research Brief derives from the 2016 Parenting Today in Victoria Study conducted and analysed by the Parenting Research Centre, and funded by the Victorian Department of Education and Training. 

Parents and caregivers of children with additional needs such as disabilities and chronic health conditions are often required to adopt ‘informal caregiving careers’ that can span the child’s lifetime, a responsibility exceeding that of typical parental care.

These parents are more likely to have poorer health and wellbeing than other parents, particularly if their children have behavioural challenges. Some aspects of socio-economic disadvantage, such as low employment and single parenthood, are also associated with having a child with additional needs.

The Parenting Today in Victoria Study aims to inform the decisions the Victorian Government makes in its support of Victorian parents. This Research Brief presents information on parents of children with additional needs. It looks at how they are faring, and explores their parenting behaviours and practices, including support and information-seeking

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