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This paper aims to comprehend the prospect of small independent retailers ‘in categorised shopping centres by analysing consumer browsing behaviour in the Australian retail market. Furthermore, the paper examines the significance of extended trading hours in facilitating consumer browsing behaviour in shopping centres. The role of browsing behaviour in shopping centres is important as previous studies indicate shoppers visit a shopping centre with predetermined purchase objectives more often. Thus, dissemination of information to potential customers has become the core strategy for sustaining growth in the digital economy. The results of this research indicate online shopping to influence consumer browsing behaviour within a shopping centre, especially at the regional shopping centres. Furthermore, shoppers’ are becoming more goal oriented and the browsing activity is steadily shifting towards online shopping. This has diminished the attractiveness of mid-size shopping centres the most, whereas, the larger sized shopping centre are highly preferred by shoppers’ for browsing activity. In addition, results show positive prospects for larger size shopping centres despite the online shopping influence in the Australian retail market.

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Proceedings of the 14th Australasian Urban History Planning History Conference 2018
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