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Your rights at retirement: a guide to making decisions and navigating your entitlements in later life

Revised edition 2019
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Retirement may come upon you suddenly or it can be a gradual process that is carefully planned and anticipated over the years. The choices and experiences of retirement are different for every individual.

Whatever your situation, it is important to know the options that are available to you and the services that can assist you. It is also important that you think about the decisions you may need to make in retirement.

This resource helps you to navigate the different phases of ageing. It can be used as a reference guide when you need to check a topic, or it can be read chapter by chapter to get a snapshot of the services and supports on offer.

Research and planning will assist you to make the most of the entitlements and responsibilities that come with retirement.

Each topic in this resource gives you a brief description of an issue and guides you to more information or to complaint processes. This new edition, you will find information about important topics such as elder abuse, powers of attorney, getting help in an emergency, demystifying superannuation, changes to government income support, and avoiding new types of financial and identity scams. We have updated the information about programs and services available to older Australians and also updated listings for specialist services.

Contact details are provided so you can find more information and assistance when you need it. We have included new online services in line with the Australian Government’s commitment to a ‘single digital identity’. Even though the internet has become the first point of contact for many government services, we understand this does not mean you prefer to use the internet. So, we have also included other forms of contact as well.

We have updated phone numbers and included new national helpline numbers and Freecall numbers. Be aware that some phone numbers may have long wait times. Where available, we have also included postal addresses for people who prefer to write a letter and street addresses for people who prefer to contact a service in person. Note that when we provide contact details to ‘visit’ a government department, it is usually to visit their website not their actual office.

All contact details were current at the time of publication. As services and guides are updated regularly, you should check the information remains current.

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Revised edition 2019