Although it is popularly thought that older people prefer to downsize to smaller dwellings, the evidence suggests there is a reluctance to do so (Judd et al. 2010). This is partly because of the strong attachments to their existing home and the need for space for post-retirement activities important for health and wellbeing.


This study seeks to quantify the extent of downsizing, as well as the social, psychological and financial and policy drivers behind such moves.

The study will involve analysing ABS Census data, conducting a national survey of older people contemplating downsizing, interviewing 60 older people in three states and draw on findings from forums with policy makers.

The project commenced in April 2011 and is due to be completed by December 2012.


Authors: Catherine Bridge, Bruce Judd, Hazel Easthope, Edgar Liu, Toni Adams.

Image: Chris-Håvard Berge / flickr

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