This is the second report of key research findings arising from the Australia at Work research project. This research is a large scale longitudinal study that tracks the experiences of working Australians over five years. The report builds on Australia at Work: The Benchmark Report and provides a holistic picture of working life in order to understand how policy can best engage with it.

The comprehensive picture provided in the report reveals the positive and negative elements of contemporary working life. On the up side, most workers remain happy about their work and relations with their managers. On the down side, there is a growing number of workers finding it difficult to get by or just coping on their household income, and high numbers continue to report 'work overload' and extended hours of work. The report discusses the following: the changing labour force, 2006 to 2008; relations at the workplace; unions in the workplace; working hours and workload; forms of employment and security at work; the self-employed at work; and earning and spending and the household.

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