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The changing landscape of protein production: opportunities and challenges for Australian agriculture

Agriculture Farming Meat industry Alternative proteins Australia

The Australian agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries industries supply the animal and plant-based protein needs of many people domestically and globally. This study focuses on the implications for Australian agriculture of the opportunities and challenges of an emerging market for alternative (i.e. non-traditional) proteins in the coming decade.

Key findings

  1. There is room for both animal-based and alternative proteins in the Australian market.
  2. Forecast global demand for protein is strong and will accommodate growth in both sectors.


  1. Protein producers should be proactive in differentiating their products, particularly in promotion of health or environmental benefits, rather than reactive against a competitor’s perceived threat.
  2. As supply constraints will be the significant challenge for livestock production in the coming decade (rather than increased demand for alternative proteins), producers of animal-sourced protein must inform themselves about the most efficient and sustainable use of their natural capital.
  3. Organisations representing protein producers should continue to monitor the market for viable emerging trends which offer realistic, achievable opportunity
  4. Producers should seek opportunities for diversification which could offer complementary benefits for their enterprise (such as disposing of livestock waste through insect farming then using the resulting insect protein for livestock feed).





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