This report aims to promote awareness about the performance of government services and help drive improvements.

There are a number of improvements in this year's Report, including the introduction of sector summaries in all broad reporting areas (Early childhood, education and training, Justice, Emergency management, Health, Community services, and Housing and homelessness), further data quality information, extended time series data for many indicators, and inclusion of brief case studies for selected service areas.

Reporting on the delivery of mainstream services to Indigenous Australians is a priority for this Report. For example, this edition includes additional school education reporting on learning outcomes for recent student cohorts, by Indigenous status.

Information on each service covered by the Report is summarised in the attached Factsheets. Improvements in the 2012 Report are outlined in the introductory sections of each service-area chapter. The most recent data (and any errata) will appear on the Steering Committee's web page.

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