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This report explores the housing constraints facing diverse populations of lower income Australians and to establish how existing and innovative housing solutions can support their shelter and non-shelter aspirations across the life-course from young adulthood to later-life.

Key points:

  • The Australian housing system no longer meets the needs and priorities of many moderate to lower-income Australian households. This Inquiry Final Report, along with its three companion projects exploring the housing aspirations of younger, mid-life and older Australians, identify aspirations and policy measures that could address identified aspiration gaps.
  • Supporting households to sustain their current housing and allowing households to maintain ownership through critical life events is essential. Ongoing tenancy reform which helps replicate the safety and security aspects of home ownership is a key element of this support.
  • Social housing continues to play a critical role supporting those in need of deep assistance including times of income and/or household change.
Related Information

Mid-life Australians and the housing aspirations gap https://apo.org.au/node/308313

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