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Briefing paper

Transitioning young people to education and employment through arts-based social enterprises

Critical policy brief
Social enterprise Creative arts education Creative workforce Arts Creative economy Australia

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s education, art and social science research community to inform policy makers on opportunities and challenges for Arts-based Social Enterprises (ASEs) in supporting the engagement, well-being, education and workforce participation of young people (15 to 24 years) experiencing, or at risk of, social and economic marginalisation.

Key messages:

  • Arts-based social enterprises play a vital role in enabling young people living in varied circumstances of marginalisation to engage with the wider community and enhance their well-being, which are important pre-conditions for formulating pathways into education or employment.
  • 80% of ASEs are not achieving the expectation that social enterprises generate the majority of their income from trade. Hybrid funding models are preferred as they better support core mission activities to support young people.
  • ASEs are empowering young people through arts and cultural activities, with a focus on their strengths rather than deficits. Innovative ASEs are generating employment opportunities for young people in the creative industries through their commercial activities.
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