Systematic review

This report summarises the findings from an updated systematic search for high-quality evidence of the impact that different out-of-home care (OOHC) interventions have on particular child and youth outcomes. These have been mapped to create an evidence and gap map.

Evidence and gap maps are interactive tools designed to help policy makers and research commissioners identify relevant evidence and gaps for interventions that achieve specific outcomes. Evidence and gap maps do not provide full reviews, but rather offer a visual overview of the quantity, quality and type of evidence available. By consolidating and mapping out what we know about the effectiveness of different programs and where the gaps are, they provide a starting point for strategic evidence use and production. However, to remain useful, they need to be updated regularly.

This report and accompanying interactive map can help policy makers and commissioners of research access high-quality evidence of 'what works' in OOHC, and understand where there are gaps in the evidence base.

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