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Digital platform services inquiry – September 2021 Report on market dynamics and consumer choice screens in search services and web browsers: issues paper

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The ACCC will be examining the provision of web browsers and general search services to Australian consumers and the effectiveness of choice screens in facilitating competition and improving consumer choice. The ACCC will also be providing its advice to the Australian government on Google’s rollout of search engine choice options on new Android devices in Europe.

Issues to be examined include:

  • the impact of pre-installation and default settings on consumer choice and competition
  • trends in digital ecosystems and supplier behaviour in search services and web browsers
  • the extent to which consumer harm can arise from the design of default arrangements
  • the effectiveness of Google’s choice screen roll out in Europe and whether it is fit for purpose in Australia
  • any proposals, other than choice screens, that may facilitate competition and improve consumer choice in the supply of general search services and potentially, web browsers.

To inform its September 2021 report, the ACCC has released this issues paper, seeking views on the operation of browsers and general search services in Australia. The ACCC invites submissions on the matters outlined in this issues paper by Thursday 15 April 2021.

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