Power to the people: proposals to increase the rollout of community batteries

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Australia has the best solar resources and some of the best wind resources in the world. As more and more countries commit to zero net emissions by 2050, Australia can become a renewable energy superpower, creating permanent, secure jobs – if it makes a similar commitment backed by decisive action. During sunshine hours and windy parts of the day, renewables are a cheaper form of electricity than fossil fuels, because renewables have no fuel costs.

The biggest challenge in making the transition from fossil fuels to utilising Australia’s abundant renewable energy sources is to meet the demand for electricity when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing and to ensure the system remains stable. That requires the storage of electricity. Batteries are a big part of the solution.

Community batteries cut down on the total capital cost of each household installing its own battery and avoid the problem of some households installing too much battery storage for their own needs and others installing too little. Furthermore, as people go on holidays, their household battery capacity is unused, whereas a community battery’s stored electricity can be used to maximum advantage for all concerned, reducing overall electricity prices.

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