“It’s different in the country” supporting ageing-in-place for people with developmental disability: an exploration of rural and metropolitan perspectives

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The past century has seen a dramatic improvement for the life expectancy of people with an intellectual or developmental disability (PwIDD). While there is a growing body of research in this area, it is recognised that policy and practice frameworks have not as yet managed to effectively adapt to the changing demographics for the sector. This lack of coordination for support is particularly problematic in rural areas; however, there is little research that specifically focuses on individuals living outside of major metropolitan locations. 

The current project was funded by the Disability Policy and Research Working Group to undertake an assessment of gaps that exist in current disability and aged care sectors, including generic and specialist levels of care, that are required for successful ageing of people with developmental disabilities in both rural and urban regions of NSW and Queensland. 

This report is funded with assistance from a funding grant offered under the National Disability Research and Development Agenda, jointly implemented by disability representatives from Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. 

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