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The Regulatory Roadmap on International Standards is the plan developed by participating departments and agencies to support regulatory modernization through international standards. The Roadmap looks at how the Government of Canada can use international standards to support regulatory cooperation, facilitate trade, and foster innovation.

A recurring theme from stakeholders is the need for Canada's regulatory system to align standards that apply across national borders, to drive business efficiency and to support Canadian industry. Stakeholders have identified that the use of international standards could make the current system more efficient (for example, through timely adoption of universally agreed upon requirements), modern (for example, by keeping pace with emerging technologies) and consistent (for example, by ensuring the same requirements across different jurisdictions).

Led by Transport Canada, the International Standards Regulatory Review examined strategic opportunities to advance the use of international standards in Canada and accelerate Canadian leadership in the development of international standards.

The Roadmap is positioned to help businesses build back better following the COVID-19 pandemic. By addressing concerns from stakeholders and promoting innovation, the Roadmap supports a foundation for sustained, long-term economic growth in Canada in response to current and ongoing challenges.

As a product of the International Standards Regulatory Review, the Roadmap outlines a suite of proposals that departments and agencies are proposing to advance these objectives. Alongside the International Standards Regulatory Review, two other Reviews were also pursued, on Digitalization and Technology Neutrality, and Clean Technology. These three Review topics were recommended by the External Advisory Committee on Regulatory Competitiveness.

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