This research explores what shapes customer experience when dealing with governments, the role of trust, and the opportunity for governments in Australia and New Zealand to transform service delivery. BCG and Salesforce surveyed more than 1,600 customers and interviewed 20 government leaders from across A/NZ, and the findings show the important relationship between customer experience and trust.

This paper explores those findings and sets out an approach for governments to take to improve customer experience by becoming more human-centred and data-driven, which will in turn help to strengthen the community’s trust in them.

Section A explores the opportunity for governments in A/NZ. It outlines the findings from this research and the challenges that governments are likely to face as they make decisions about how to close the gap between expectation and experience.

  • Part 1 looks at a growing evidence base for taking a customer experience view of government service delivery.

  • Part 2 acknowledges that while the evidence base is strong, bringing it into policy and service delivery means understanding and responding to the set of constraints and trade-offs that exist at the heart of government decisions.

    Section B outlines actions that governments can take to close the expectation/experience gap and build customer trust.

  • Part 3 explores how governments can deliver the equivalent customer experience that we see in the private sector by unleashing the power of data.

  • Part 4 identifies three steps for governments to take to become leaders in customer experience: (i) unlocking talent; (ii) working with industry in new ways; and (iii) building technology and digital infrastructure to support ongoing innovation.

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