New realities: activating the potential for the creative industries and tourism in regional South Australia

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This report draws on interviews, site visits and international research to examine the potential of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) tourism experiences within the Legatus Group of Regional Councils in South Australia.

The research identified key factors that are essential to the successful and ongoing implementation of AR/VR/MR visitor experiences, namely the importance of:

  • involving local voices and perspectives to develop community acceptance and ownership, as well as authentic experiences for visitors
  • using reliable and easily accessible platforms and local creative industries practitioners to design, develop and deliver these experiences, to ensure ongoing maintenance, responsive trouble-shooting, and ongoing employment opportunities
  • building on existing tourism projects and community partnerships to capitalise on previous investment, reinvigorating the regions to attract previous visitors and encouraging overnight stays
  • creating thematic tourism opportunities to draw people with a range of interests into and across the regions and encouraging them to extend their stays
  • maximising a mix of technologies to support and complement one another to deliver a complete end-to-end user experience that incorporates interpretation with a marketing ‘try before you buy’ approach that leads through to a booking, purchasing, planning and repeat visitation.

The report demonstrates how a mixed reality approach may maximise the cultural, social, tourism and economic benefits by traversing boundaries between regions, themes and potential partners, in the same way as the technologies can potentially merge with the physical world to create an exciting, informative and profitable experience.

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