New Delhi looks (south)-east: India-New Zealand relationship evolving into Indo-Pacific strategic partnership

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As India shifts its strategic orientation from being primarily a continental power to a maritime one, in a move that will help to establish its credentials as a great power in the Indo-Pacific region, New Zealand is keen to deepen relations with a fellow democracy.
New Zealand understands the growing importance of India in the Indo-Pacific – and especially in the Indian Ocean theatre – which was confirmed during New Zealand Prime Key Points India’s shift towards a maritime strategy coincides with New Zealand’s growing strategic interest in the Indian Ocean. India and New Zealand can have increasingly effective strategic co-operation. Factors such as common values, democracy and inherited heritage from the Commonwealth acting as drivers.
Aiding the United States’ increased forward presence in the Indo-Pacific region – which has curtailing China’s increased assertiveness as a subtext – could provide a basis for India and New Zealand to deepen their strategic co-operation. In each country, such an initiative will still need to find consensus among its own domestic constituents. The situation in Afghanistan in the lead-up to 2014 will be of interest to both India and New Zealand. Minister John Key’s June 2011 state visit to India. The three-day trip further sealed relations between two countries that are geographically separated but which are now finding their interests converging, in line with the evolving geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region.

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