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Regional Australia is strong, productive and offers enviable lifestyle opportunities. It has powered Australia’s recovery after the GFC and the pandemic. It is home to a third of Australians and makes a significant contribution to Australia’s overall prosperity and to its unique strengths. The RAI has long championed Australia’s region as the backbone of the nation.

The National Regionalisation Framework will draw together common priorities for supporting a stronger regional Australia. It will build the case for future settings for Australia’s ongoing prosperity, informed by the past decade of the RAI’s research and thought leadership and in consultation with government, industry and regional leaders and communities.

The framework does not seek to replace, replicate or eclipse the work of other actors, including governments and regional organisations with their own strategies and action plans. Much exciting work is being done around the country to power regional Australia into the future. Rather, the framework seeks to draw together common priorities to develop a holistic vision for unlocking the true potential of regional Australia.

This consultation paper kicks off the process for developing the framework. It sets out five themes which the RAI has identified, through its 10 years of research, as those which form the foundations of regionalisation in Australia. These are:

  1. Population
  2. Jobs and skills
  3. Liveability
  4. Productivity and innovation
  5. Sustainability and resilience

This consultation paper explores each of these themes, highlighting the recent trends and impact on regional Australia, and the opportunities that could be realised with a bold regionalisation vision. Key questions have been identified under each theme.

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