National research infrastructure (NRI) comprises a range of nationally significant assets, facilities and services that support leading-edge research and innovation. It is more than instruments and devices: a highly skilled workforce supports both the equipment and the researchers that use it. Australia’s NRI network has been built over decades and successfully underpins fundamental and applied research across many disciplines.

As the global pandemic continues and Australia transitions towards net zero emissions, the role of science in addressing our biggest domestic and global challenges is significant. Investing in NRI to catalyse and accelerate the research needed to address these challenges has never been more important.

The 2021 National research infrastructure roadmap details a clear path for Australia to build on strong existing NRI foundations and deliver step-change capability to support future research needs. The objective of these NRI investments is to ensure Australian research remains competitive internationally, protect unique national assets, manage sovereign risk, support social cohesion and stimulate the creation of new industries.

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