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Millions of Australians own Big Super - report 1

How super gives Australians a stake in the economy, builds their wealth, and protects them from risk
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Super has protected working Australians from risk by diversifying the ways their wealth is invested and generated. Before universal super, most household wealth was held in cash deposits and real estate, typically in the family home. Three decades later, households across the wealth distribution have much greater exposure to income-generating financial assets.

Through their Industry SuperFunds, Australian workers own Australia’s best companies and infrastructure, investments that generate superior returns and build retirement savings.

Over the long run, returns achieved by industry super funds have outstripped wage growth by around two-fold. Even during a time of stagnating wages, capital growth in super funds has helped members continue to build their wealth for retirement.

This report is the first in a new series examining how industry funds’ distinctive investment approach delivers benefits for members and also strengthens Australia’s economy in a range of important ways.

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