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Millions of Australians own Big Super - report 2

How industry super investments support the Australian economy
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Industry funds’ investments in the best financial interests of their members are inseparable from the health of the Australian economy. Thanks to mainly stable policy settings in recent decades, industry funds have become very large and active stakeholders in Australian companies, infrastructure projects and other long-term investments.

Industry fund investments strengthen the economy and create jobs, thus creating a virtuous cycle: a stronger economy means more jobs, higher take-home pay, greater risk-adjusted returns for members from their super investments, and more savings for members’ retirement.

This report is the second in a new series from ISA examining how industry funds’ distinctive investment approach strengthens Australia’s economy while delivering benefits for members. The first report in this series, published in March 2022, focused on the benefits super funds deliver to millions of Australians and their families, including building wealth, putting a dignified retirement within reach, and giving working Australians a stake in the economy – while at the same time protecting them from financial risk.

This report looks at the positive secondary outcomes that industry funds create through their Australian investments, building on ISA’s extensive research into this area. These benefits include creating jobs and supporting business growth, cushioning Australia’s economy from shocks, such as the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the coronavirus pandemic, and decarbonising the national economy.

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