In this keynote address to the 2022 Skills and Jobs Summit, Grattan Institute CEO, Danielle Wood, urges Australia’s leaders to forge a plan for full employment and higher productivity.

The address is concluded with the final provocations:

  • Can we commit to lock in full employment as a policy objective, and capitalise on the extraordinary opportunity to give our long-term unemployed, older job seekers, and people with a disability a chance to open the door to participation in paid work?
  • Can we decide to invest in human capital big time – to turn around the slide in our school results, rebuild our vocational education and training sector, and improve the quality of the signals we send to our young people about the skills and qualifications that will be needed in future?
  • Can we embrace the principle that no one who wants a job or more hours should be held back by structural barriers, such as expensive or inaccessible care?
  • And can we recognise the importance of boosting innovation, of strong market competition, of better policy design, and of government investments in enablers like cyber security, to restore our economic dynamism and even become an economy on the technological frontier?
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