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This report examines how well national policy initiatives by the Australian, State and Territory Governments have achieved the objectives and outcomes set out in the National School Reform Agreement (NSRA), and makes recommendations to inform the design of the next school reform agreement.

The review recommends redesigning the agreement to focus more attention on lifting academic results for all students, supporting quality teaching and school leadership, and promoting students’ wellbeing.

Key points:

  • All Australian governments have endorsed the national goal of a high quality, high equity education system and have a long history of collaborating on reforms to pursue this goal.
  • The NSRA’s initiatives have done little, so far, to improve student outcomes.
  • The next school reform agreement should include firm targets for improving academic achievement for all students, including students from priority equity cohorts, in each jurisdiction.
  • All jurisdictions face common reform challenges — addressing these should be the focus of the next school reform agreement.
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