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Regional job advertisements grew three times faster than in metropolitan Australia at the end of 2022, according to this report which analyses regional job vacancy data from both 2022 and from the last decade to present a view of the labour market challenges and opportunities in regional Australia.

The report identifies the top four most in-demand online advertised roles across regional Australia for December. These include:

  • Medical Practitioners and Nurses – 6,166
  • General Inquiry Clerks, Call Centre Workers and Receptionists – 5,941
  • Carers and Aides – 5,416
  • Sales Assistants and Salespersons – 4,527

The report outlines seven policy considerations:

  • Planning for growth
  • Invest in education and training
  • Incentivise regional employment
  • Promote the regions
  • Focus on housing and liveability
  • Report data at a disaggregated level
  • Tailoring Australia’s migration system to fill roles in the regions

This report is part of RAI's Regionalisation ambition 2032: a framework to rebalance the nation, designed to help direct the actions of government, industry and the community towards achieving a greater proportion of Australians living prosperously in the regions by 2032 and beyond. 

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