Are you being served? Towards more responsive public services

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The delivery of effective and efficient public services is the hallmark of good government, yet as private sector standards rise there needs to be an equivalent increase in the quality of public service and increasing confidence and respect between the public service and the public.

Pressures on budgets require public services to do more with their existing resources at a time of escalating costs, especially in the health sector. Public service systems need renewal and reform if they are to respond to the contemporary challenges of an ageing society, new technology, greater educational demands, climate change and the need to deliver fair, high quality services to the broad society. The public is looking for a new deal.

Building on this sustained effort to improve the delivery of government services, this report examines how to build mutual confidence and respect between the public sector and the public, as the state evolves new services and new ways of delivering services to meet changing needs.


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