The telework kit: making telework a success: a guide for leaders, managers and employees

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Telework, as part of flexible workplace practices, has many proven benefits including attracting and retaining valued staff and capturing productivity benefits. Understanding how telework might add value to your organisation, the right course of action when dealing with requests for telework arrangements—including consideration of compliance with workplace agreements and legislation—as well as how to balance the needs of all parties involved, will help you to realise these benefits.

With this guide you can:
–    understand how telework fits into the strategic intent or value proposition of your organisation
–    understand the organisation-wide implications of including telework in your flexible workplace practices
–    learn more about the process for implementing telework arrangements
–    identify the success factors for implementation of telework
–    make or assess a request to telework and review a telework agreement.

Who should use this guide?
–    managers implementing telework as part of your organisation’s flexible workplace practices
–    employees who wish to telework
–    human resources and Information Technology (IT) staff working with managers to implement telework arrangements for employees.

What’s in this guide?
–    an overview of telework and its benefits
–    an understanding of the skills and capabilities required of managers and employees when including telework in their flexible workplace arrangements
–    tools to help managers, employees and teams plan, assess, implement and review telework arrangements.

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