Mobile app consumer attitudes and experiences

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This research into Australians' use of mobile applications explores user sentiment towards paying for features and services and data privacy in the app ecosystem.


Observation of overseas attention to issues of in-app information privacy and purchase issues suggested the potential for consumers to be affected by apps’ access to information on devices, and by app monetisation approaches.

Australian consumers’ wholesale and wholehearted adoption of mobile devices powered by app ecosystems is clear: 75% of consumers possess a smartphone, and 48% have a tablet.

To ascertain the incidence, risk and potential detriment to Australian consumers, ACCAN commissioned TNS to investigate the issue and understand the Australian experience.


The sample consisted of n=1012 users of smartphones and/or tablets, representative across Australia for age, gender and location. Fieldwork was conducted from 6 August 2014 to 15 August 2014.

The survey took respondents approximately 13 minutes on average.

The sample was representative of the Australian online smartphone and tablet using population, with quotas on age, gender and location.

Within the sample, 91% owned a smartphone, and 63% owned a tablet.

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