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This focuses on what jobs and skills we need to develop to ensure our economy continues to grow and diversify. Discussion around jobs often focuses on the here and now. However, if Australia is to maintain a robust economy that is internationally competitive, we must plan now for the changes, challenges and opportunities we face in developing the right jobs and skills for future generations.

In this report, CEDA examines:

  • How the next wave of the industrial revolution will fundamentally reshape business activity;
  • The high probability that 40 per cent of Australia’s workforce, more than five million people, could be replaced by automation within the next 10 to 20 years;
  • Changes that will occur in the five key sectors identified in the Federal Government's innovation plan;
  • Jobs of the future and exporting and outsourcing opportunities;
  • How businesses operating on the technological frontier are adapting;
  • What digital disruption means to existing business practices; and
  • What policy levers are available to maximise opportunities.
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