Improving the transparency of higher education admissions

16 Dec 2016

The Government welcomes the Higher Education Standards Panel’s Report on how the admissions policies and processes of higher education providers can be made clearer, easier to access and more useful, to inform the choices and decisions of prospective students and their families.

Over recent years, the variety of pathways through which a prospective student can apply or be accepted into higher education has increased significantly. This has widened the opportunities for students to pursue their higher education ambitions, but that increased diversity of entry pathways has come at a price. The Panel found that prospective students, their families and schools are finding it increasingly difficult to understand the full range of study options and opportunities available, and how they can best take advantage of these options to meet their education and career objectives.

The Panel’s recommendations provide a comprehensive and well thought out framework to address this growing complexity. Implementation of the Panel’s recommendations will help to ensure that prospective students and their families have the information they need, in a readily accessible and comparable format, to help students match their interests and ambitions to their abilities and needs.

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