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Evaluating the outcomes of programs for Indigenous families and communities

8 Feb 2017

This practitioner resource outlines some key considerations for community sector organisations and service providers who are thinking about evaluating the outcomes or impact of a program for Indigenous families or communities.

This resource outlines some issues and common challenges that require careful thought when planning an evaluation of a program targeting Indigenous people. This is not, however, a how-to guide to evaluation. Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) already has an extensive range of resources that outline evaluation principles and methods. In any case, the specifics of an evaluation will depend on the program and the context. Rather, this resource highlights the need for commissioning organisations and funding bodies to adequately plan for evaluation, to consider potential barriers and solutions before the evaluation starts, and to ensure the meaningful participation of Indigenous people. Developing an Indigenous-focused evaluation culture will not guarantee an evaluation's success; however, the absence of such a culture is likely to make the evaluation task more difficult and less likely to meet local community needs. Case studies are included in the resource to illustrate key points.

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