Maggie Walter


Retirement intentions of Australia’s Baby Boomers. An occupational overview

A handful of studies on the retirement intentions of Australia's baby boomers have each come to a similar conclusion: most boomers are open to the idea of later retirement. But these intentions are by no means evenly distributed through the population, according to this study...

Lives of diversity: Indigenous Australia

The national picture is one of difference between the lives of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians across nearly all the Census dimensions. The Indigenous population is significantly younger and growing at a faster rate; the economic items reveal broad-scale division; cultural differences are apparent around language...

The urban and regional segregation of indigenous Australians: Out of sight, out of mind?

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Indigenous Australians live in cities and towns rather than remote areas of the country, yet remain segregated and 'invisible' from the daily lives of non-Indigenous Australians. In 2006, the Australian Indigenous population surpassed half a million. Yet while...

Child support can help to secure housing for resident parents and their children after relationship breakdown

The receipt of more than $75 per week in child support assisted resident parents living apart to secure better quality housing for themselves and their children. For non-resident parents living apart, the payment of child support appeared to have no measurable effect upon the standard...