Jan Scheurer

Conference paper

Decision support tools in city planning: bridging the gap between numerologists and conversationalists

Drawing on experiences from research and professional practice, in Australia and internationally, this paper considers the potential for traditional urban travel demand models and Decision Support Tools to be combined within a more complementary process of planning, evaluating, and selecting urban infrastructure projects.
Briefing paper

Emerging transport technologies: critical policy brief

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s transport research community to inform policy makers and the wider community on critical challenges presented by the emergence of new transport technologies.
Conference paper

Map mashups revisited: employing discursive planning tools for Perth's urban future

Digital mapping tools, and the “map mashups” they enable, may facilitate new and richer discourses about salient planning issues, particularly among stakeholders without specific expertise in geospatial technologies (Batty et al., 2010). In October 2016, the authors hosted a day-long workshop for transport and land...
Conference paper

Planning for disruptive transport technologies: how prepared are Australasian transport planning agencies?

This paper reports on new research to understand the preparedness of government planning agencies for the arrival of new technologies of automated private and public transport vehicles in Australasian cities. Already corporations are playing an increasing role in the shaping of Australian cities through their...
Conference paper

Trams and politics in Melbourne: managing complex adaptations

Tram patronage in Melbourne has risen to over 200 million passengers annually, its highest since the peaks of the 1950s. Trams in Melbourne continue to be among the world’s slowest due to traffic congestion, with many routes operating at or above capacity in peak periods...