Energy storage: poll of Australians - August 2017

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The electricity system in Australia is undergoing a major transformation due to technological change, changing consumer preferences, rising domestic gas prices, as well as a shift away from fossil fuels like coal and gas.

Energy storage such as battery storage, pumped hydro and solar thermal, is set to become a key part of Australia’s electricity grid. Energy storage will enable Australia to quickly transition to high levels of renewable energy by enabling electricity from wind and solar to be stored when it is plentiful and consumed when it is in higher demand.

Storage can also meet technical grid requirements, like providing frequency control to the electricity system and assisting the management of extreme power system conditions (AFR 2017a). This will improve the electricity system’s security and reliability, and reduce the likelihood of blackouts.

Energy storage, such as batteries, can respond to changes in frequency far more quickly than fossil fuel power stations - and unlike gas prices (which are skyrocketing) the cost of batteries are falling (Reputex Carbon 2017).

Climate Council commissioned ReachTEL to conduct a national survey of Australians in order to better understand their views and understanding of energy storage, including batteries.

ReachTEL surveyed 1,928 residents of Australia on the 28th August 2017.

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