Craft skills and knowledge have a strong economic impact and significant potential to drive further growth and innovation in other sectors, as this report demonstrates. The creative industries are a recognised UK strengthin which the UK currently enjoys an international competitive advantage. However, other nations are fast catching up. Until now, the UK’s creative industries policy has, to a large extent, focused on media entertainment and digital industries. This has had positive effects, with associated economic benefits.

Less focus has been placed, to date, on the physical, material creative industries. But the potential for craft to make a positive economic impact, both directly and via cross-innovation driven by collaborations between craft and other sectors, is, as this report shows, significant. In this context, the Crafts Council commissioned KPMG to conduct a study to better understand the extent to which collaboration and innovation take place in, and through, craft and, importantly, what barriers need to be overcome to achieve the potential economic opportunities from it.

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