Three research projects funded by VCCCAR were selected to study research-to-policy interventions that might better facilitate the use of their respective results. These case studies were selected because they had progressed to a point that aligned with the time table of our “Research-to-Policy” project and they were amenable to the type of interventions that might facilitate knowledge use.

The case studies demonstrate some common strategies, such as disseminating research results in formats that are likely to be accessible and applicable to the intended users. However, some types of strategies were more specific to particular case studies. For example, knowledge use strategies identified in the decision-taking project workshop in Gippsland (which was about validating research results) were concerned with developing relationships and more inclusive decision-making procedures, rather than dissemination strategies. In the spatial planning project, in contrast, strategies tended to be about dissemination (although some strategies were also about interaction and facilitation).

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