The National Outlook is a ground-breaking attempt to model and analyse Australia’s physical economy and natural resource use many decades into the future.

It provides the most comprehensive analysis of its kind yet undertaken, including several advances in scientific capacity, and identifies a number of areas for future public deliberation and scientific exploration.

National Outlook focuses on the emerging water-energy-food nexus, and the prospects for Australia’s energy, agriculture, and other material intensive industries in the context of multiple uncertainties and opportunities, with particular attention to potential synergies and trade-offs within and across economic sectors.

National Outlook is a unique tool to help us navigate to prosperity through an uncertain future, by providing a scientific assessment of the complex connections and interactions between economy activity, resource use and the environment.

CSIRO is sharpening its focus on innovation. With this report we build upon our analysis of key global megatrends, to give a sharper focus on implications and opportunities for Australia, as a precursor to helping create market roadmaps for – and with – each of the industries we serve.

This report presents key findings, with further detail provided in a technical report and scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals, including Nature. To help ensure that the National Outlook modelling and interpretation are rigorous and based on the best available science, CSIRO marshalled a distinguished external review panel from Australian and international institutions, representing a broad range of relevant disciplines, in addition to rigorous internal review.

While science can provide new evidence and insights, how we respond is the decision of individuals, firms and communities. Our hope is that this National Outlook is just the beginning. Future directions for this integrated capacity might include deepening our analysis of economy-wide interactions, and better incorporating aspects of our urban systems, such as the interactions between nutrition, mobility and health.

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