Australia’s power advantage energy transition and hydrogen export scenarios

Insights from the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub
Climate change Carbon emissions Energy transition Renewable energy Australia Germany

This paper focuses on issues around the rapid deployment of renewables in Australia as an essential part of a cost-efficient transition to a net-zero emissions economy.

In this report, the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub presents a range of scenarios in which Australia uses its extensive renewable resources to:

1) secure a reliable and cost-effective domestic electricity supply 

2) avoid CO2 emissions, leading to carbon neutrality by 2050

3) move beyond domestic supply to become a first mover and supplier in future global markets of green hydrogen.

The scenarios are simulated in four energy-economic models of complementary scope and detail.

This is one paper in a series of four as part of the Energy Transition Hub's Synthesis Reports.  To view other reports in this series, please see the related content section below. 

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